Wetsuit Hoods & Surf Hoods

Why should you get a wetsuit hood?

A good surf hood's or neoprene hood's primary objective is to insulate your head and help you keep warm. If you have tried surfing in the very cold water you might also have experienced the so-called ‘"ice cream headache" or "brain freeze" due to the rapid change in temperature. A thick and high-quality surf hood will prevent this from happening.

All the surf hoods that we carry are of high-quality and from the top manufacturers in the water sports business. So when you buy your next wetsuit hood, it will serve you for many years.

If you have a long neck, you should, of course, buy a hood with a long neck. It's important that your surf hood covers your entire neck.

As with everything else wetsuit, and neoprene related, you want to make sure that the hood fits properly. If it's too large the water will slip right in, and this will remove a lot of the heating effect. In other words - it won't keep you very warm. If it is too small it won’t be comfortable, and you might have trouble to breathe in it.

Tucking the neoprene hood or not?

Should the surf hood be tucked in the wetsuit or should it go on the outside? This is one of the big questions, and it's almost a matter of religion to some people. If you choose to tuck the neoprene hood in, you will definitely have better luck in staying warm, but this will also result in a lot more water getting inside your wetsuit than otherwise. Feel free to experiment with either way and find out what you prefer.

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