Neoprene Boots

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What Are Surf Booties?

Surf booties, also known as neoprene boots or wetsuit boots, are thick socks specially designed to keep your feet warm in cold waters. In addition, neoprene boots help you cover feet from corals, sharp objects in the ocean and rocky beach areas. They are of common use among any kind of surfers, kiters and paddle boarders.

Choosing a Pair of Surf Booties

Neoprene boots can be found in two different styles - split toe or round toe.

Choosing the right surf booties depends on your personal preference. Split toe wetsuit boots have the big toe separated from the rest of your toes. Most surfers consider these kinds of boots to provide better balance and board feel. The round toe neoprene boots feature no divider and are considered to be more comfortable to wear.

How Should Surf Booties Fit?

Wetsuit boots should fit snug over your ankles and feet. They shouldn’t be too tight or they cut off circulation, or too large as the water might get in, resulting in cold feet and poor balance. Surf booties usually come in 3mm, 5mm and 7mm thicknesses. Thicker boots are warmer and let you ride the waves even during the coldest days, but they are also a little less sensitive, which might decrease the board feeling a bit.

Remember to measure your feet and check the size chart to get a pair of neoprene boots that fits you perfectly. Your new wetsuit boots might feel a little too tight at first, but you can expect them to stretch and fit better after a few uses.

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