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Neoprene boots keep your feet warm in the water

A pair of neoprene boots or quality surf booties are an essential part of your equipment when you go surfing in cold water. The surf booties can actually be the difference between a marathon session in extremely frigid temperatures and the fact that you fail to even catch a single wave due to cold feet and a complete loss of feeling in your feet.

But luckily, we have a wide assortment of neoprene boots and surf booties that’ll keep you cozy and comfortable and most important keep you surfing longer.

Round toe or split toe wetsuit booties?

You might have noticed, that some of our neoprene boots, have split-toe and some have a round toe.

A pair of split-toe neoprene boots have some resemblance to a mitten, where the big toe is separated from the rest of your toes. The supporters of the split-toe design claim that the design gives them better balance and a better board feeling of the board.

The round-toe designed surf booties are actually just a pair of neoprene shoes. There's no divider as with the split-toe design. What speaks for this design is, that many surfers find these boots to be more comfortable.

What size should my surf booties be?

All neoprene and surf booties are only available in men’s sizes and only available in full sizes - not half or quarter sizes.

Your new boots might feel a little too tight at first but you can expect them to stretch and get a better fit after a few uses. A rule of thumb is that your toe should touch the end of the bootie the first time you try them on. After a few uses, they will be perfect.

Since the surf booties are usually listed in men's sizes women and girls should usually go down a size or two.

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