Everything you desire

In this category, you’ll find a wide variety of stuff from shirts over rubber bracelets to footies and drinking bottles. In short, this site is a cornucopia of miscellaneous accessories and clothing.

Rubber bracelets: A modern classic

This little wristband emerged in the 1980's, but became a must-have item in 2004 - since then the colorful rubber bracelets have been popular in waves. Beside having rubber bracelets from our brands, we also made a range of custom bracelets from SkatePro. You’ll even find a SkatePro rubber keyring too!

If you’re in need of some padding for your ankle or a sweatband, the miscellaneous category is the place to look. We carry quality footies from Powerslide and Ennui that provides your foot with extra support, comfort, protection and improves the fit of any boot, skate or shoe.

Get the looks

The shirts you’ll find in this category are made to skate in. Most of the skate shirts are designed with short sleeves and with a comfortable fit, that allows you to move around, a necessity when you’re out skating.

Skate shirts are not only reserved for those who skate or ride. Together with the rest of the streetwear and urban wear the skate shirt has made its way into the mainstream fashionistas’ closet and is a very popular choice for both business and pleasure.

Get with the pros

We’re passionate people here at SkatePro. Many of us do not only work with skating, scootering, and skiing for a living, we also ride ourselves, so of course, we had to launch our own SkatePro line of clothing. In this category, you’ll find our SkatePro kit, the perfect way to get the hands in our awesome clothing line.

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