Skateboard griptape


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Skateboard griptape - add grip and style to your board

Would you like to put your personal touch on your skateboard? Here you will find various types of griptape in different designs, patterns and colors to any skater’s taste - everything from the standard sheets to spray-on griptape for skateboards, square sheets, big rolls and cut-outs with patterns.

Skateboard grip tape is the self-adhesive sheet that you put on the surface of your skateboard. It reminds a lot of sandpaper and is granulated to provide a good stance on the board.

Apply your new grip tape gently and thoroughly on the board to avoid any air bubbles. Some types of grip tape are designed with small, almost invisible holes to ensure an easy and bubble free application. Watch our video on how to apply grip tape to a skateboard.

When you need skateboard grip tape

The first skateboards were not even designed with grip tape. But in the 70’s skateboard manufacturers began realizing that there was a need for getting a better grip on the slippery boards. As the years went by, grip tape for skateboards also suddenly became a means of branding through logos, slogans and graphic details.

Here at SkatePro we have recently designed our own high-quality grip tape with very recognizable logo printed all over it. Go check it out.

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