Accessories and wheels for Heelys


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Get a set of replacement wheels for Heelys

Unlike, for example, a pair of roller skates, a skateboard or a stunt scooter, which you often only use for a couple of hours at a time, you can easily spend close to a day in a pair of Heelys.

Especially schoolchildren can wear the shoes from early in the morning to late in the afternoon, and although a set of Heelys is very durable, there will be a time, when the wheels are worn down, the bearings are jumping, or the laces will burst.

If the wheels are worn down or the bearings get broken, it's quite simple to replace. The only thing you need is a new set of wheels. A set of spare wheels for Heelys comes in different colors, and you'll have to do some research on weather your Heelys is the 1- or 2-wheel model.

What set of replacement wheels to choose for my Heelys?

If you own a 1-wheel model you should look for the replacement wheel that is called "fat," and if you have a 2-wheel model, it is the "HX2" you want.

As mentioned the replacement process is rather simple. Even if you have lost the custom tool, a screwdriver or even a metal stick can loosen the old wheel pretty easy. The new wheelset you just click in place, and you're ready to roll.