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Thermal socks and ski socks

When you’re out for a cold day skiing or hiking, it’s important to have a pair of warm socks to keep your feet dry and comfortable for a long period - even at low temperatures.

In this category, you’ll find thermal socks for both cross country, alpine skiing, and snowboarding. No matter what you choose from this category, you can be sure to get a pair of warm socks that provide you with warm and dry feet.

That’s also why our thermal socks are not only keeping you warm but also allows your feet to “breathe” so your feet stay dry from perspiration, enabling you to remain warm after a long day of skiing or hiking.

The thermal socks also protect your feet against hard boots. Therefore, the ski socks you'll find at SkatePro are soft and seamless and stick over the edge of the ski boots. It is important that thermal socks are fitting fine and smooth on the shin, so you don’t get marks. Some of our socks have extra thick fabric on the shin to protect the leg against pressure from the snowboard or ski boot.

Be sure to bring at least 2-3 pairs of socks for a week's skiing since ski socks often need to be washed after a few days use. We also recommend that you bring an extra pair of socks in your ski bag/day pack in case that your ski socks get damp or wet.

Also for everyday use

A good pair of warm socks is not only an essential item to wear when you’re out doing sports in cold weather. A pair of thermal socks is also crucial if you’re working outside during the winter to keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable.

Take care

To take extra good care of your new investment, we would recommend that you turn our thermal socks inside out when you wash them – this is where skin cells and dirt build up. Furthermore, we recommend that you don’t dry your ski socks in the dryer.

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