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Scooter Wheels Define Your Riding Experience

Pro scooter wheels are what make your scooter tick. They are one of the most important parts of your scooter setup and will determine how smooth and responsive your scooting experience will be. The core material for modern scooter wheels is usually nylon or aluminum.

There are numerous styles of wheels that will help you customize your setup. Scooter wheel cores can be solid, spoked, hollow or perforated in their design. Solid wheels are durable but heavy, whereas spoked wheels are lighter but can be damaged more easily. Hollow wheels are both lightweight with a solid core design.

Choosing the Right Wheels

When choosing scooter wheels you should consider the size, hardness and the maximum wheel diameter compatible with your fork. Pro scooter wheel diameters are available in sizes 100 mm, 110 mm, 115 mm, 120 mm. However, it is most common to get wheels of either 100 mm or 110 mm. Smaller wheels are recommended for beginners as they are more maneuverable, while larger wheels are best suited for riders looking to ride quickly and aggressively.

Wheel hardness is measured on the durometer scale. Here, the higher the number, the harder the wheel. The average durometer for a scooter wheel is between 82A and 88A. In general, harder wheels will allow you to ride faster, but will not provide you with as much traction. Meanwhile, softer wheels will wear down a little faster, but give you more grip. Many pro riders choose to use softer wheels when riding on the street, and harder wheels when at the skatepark.

How Long Do Pro Scooter Wheels Last?

Trick scooter wheels inevitably wear down over time, whatever your style of riding. There is no definite date of how often you should replace your wheels, and this can be anything from a couple of months to every few years. When you notice that the urethane is wearing down, and it’s impacting the feel of your riding, then it’s a good idea to start looking for a new pair.

If you are looking for more information about scooter wheels, check out our guide on Buying Scooter Wheels.

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