Waveboards - Completes

Good to know

With a waveboard, you are sure to get a funny and different board experience.

What is a Waveboard?

A waveboard has two wheels, which can rotate 360°, and they are attached to the front and back of the waveboard. Furthermore, the waveboard has two deck plates combined with a torsion bar for better flexibility. These two factors give a cool effect when you ride your waveboard. The ends can be twisted in opposite directions, and your waveboard is controlled by tilting the front and rear ends different ways. Thus, you train your balance while having a good time.

What matters when riding a wave board?

A waveboard can be used by people of all ages. However, your level of balance and mobility affects your ability to ride a waveboard. Furthermore, it is important to have a waveboard in the correct size, as balance alone is not enough. It is important that you can reach from one end to another when determining the length of your wave board.

You will learn the basics in a few minutes, but it is not difficult to find new challenges. A waveboard is guaranteed entertainment for you and your friends. On this page, you will find the various street boards and accessories.

We carry waveboards from some of the best brands around such as Street Surfing and Razor. Furthermore you can always find replacement parts such as wheels and griptape in the waveboard accessories category.