Roller Hockey Maintenance


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Roller Hockey Maintenance for all Hockey Players

Carrying out regular inline hockey maintenance is something that all hockey players should do. You’ll want your skates in the best condition at the start of the season and it’ll probably be the case that as the season goes on you’ll have to do a bit of upkeep every so often.

How Do You Clean Roller Hockey Wheels?

One of the most important things to regularly check up on is how well the wheels are spinning. If there’s a lack of wheelspin then it’s likely the case that you’ll either need to clean or replace your bearings. You’ll be able to find most of the gear you need on this page, and to read how to do it, head to our Bearing Cleaning Guide.

Throughout the season, it’s also worth cleaning your wheels every now and again to get rid of any accumulating muck from the rink. Simply wipe them down with a wet cloth to remove the dirt.

Roller Hockey Tools for Your Skates

Having the right tools for roller hockey is important to maintain your skates and will be sure to make you popular with your teammates. Here, you’ll find a range of tools that can be used to carry out various tasks such as removing and installing new bearings or wheels, tightening the axles and just generally making sure that your setup is ready to roll. These skate tools are universal, and will also work with other styles of skates.

The tools found in this category are designed to fix up your skates. Otherwise, you can check out our Roller Hockey Accessories category to fix or upgrade other components of your hockey equipment.

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