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Heelys - shoes with a twist

Heelys shoes allow you to skate wherever you are. Heelys look like ordinary skate shoes, so you get a lot of attention when you suddenly start to skate down the street.

Heelys shoes - how to get started with your new shoes with wheels

With Heelys shoes you can choose whether you want to walk or skate with one simple move. If you want to walk for a while, you can simply just click out the wheels of your Heelys skate shoes and instead you get an ordinary pair of skate shoes. And when you are ready to roll again, just click the wheels back on and you have turned your shoes into shoes with wheels again.

Once the wheels are in, and you want to skate instead of walking, you simply move your body weight to your heels where the wheels are mounted. The technique is pretty simple and easy to learn. If you want to stop, you can either make a soft or a hard brake. If you use the soft brake technique, you tip your toes further up, to make the back of the roller shoe drag along the ground until you stop."Heeling" may seem similar to inline skating, but the technique is somewhat different. Because the wheels are embedded only in the back of the roller shoe, you can always put weight on the front of your feet whenever you are about to lose balance or need to gain control.

Heelys roller shoes - the original shoes with wheels

Heelys shoes are the original shoes with wheels and are available with FATS wheels and good bearings, so you get the best skating experience. FATS wheels are standard, wide Heelys wheels that make for better surface grip.

These shoes with wheels were invented in the U.S. in 2000, and ever since then they have spread, not just in the U.S., but around the world to European countries like the UK. Heelys for kids and young teenagers has grown in popularity, both Heelys for girls and Heelys for boys, but you can also find adult Heelys so everyone, no matter what age, can join. This way parents can spend some fun, active quality time with their kids.

You can get Heelys with one wheel and Heelys with two wheels embedded in the heel. The original models only had one wheel, but many people today choose models with 2 wheels because they are a little easier to roll on.

Can I use my roller shoes for skate tricks?

Roller shoes can be used both indoors and outdoors, and it's easy to skate around the school hall or when shopping. But you can also take them to the skate park, if you want to do tricks.

You can do traditional tricks, such as skating backwards, skating on one foot or doing spins. But you can also do more complicated tricks, such as jumping tricks which typically involve you landing on or setting off from different objects. If your Heelys skate shoes have a nylon grind plate in the sole, you can also grind rails, etc.

Shoes with wheels for dancing - Pimp up your dance moves with a touch of Heelys

The possibilities with roller shoes are many, only your imagination sets the limit. Are you a dancer, or do you just enjoy dancing, then you have to try out your dance moves with a pair of roller shoes.

This has been seen in several talent shows where the contestants have used them in their dance routines. Also great artists like Usher have used Heelys in music videos and other performances. In his music video “U don’t have to call” from 2002, you see a crowded room with people dancing and suddenly Usher slides towards the camera. At first it just looks like a cool trick, but when you see the wheel in the heel, you realize that it’s not a move that can solely be performed by great dancers like Usher, but by anyone who just wants to spice up their dance choreography.

Since then, many dancers have also incorporated roller shoes in their choreography to create an extra wow effect. And since Heelys shoes combine the elements of a normal shoe and roller skates, you can easily make the transition from normal steps to rolling steps, thereby making it possible to use them in trendy choreographies with a twist.