BMX Tires & Tubes

Wheel diameter
Tire width

BMX bike tires: Gets you riding

A Solid pair of BMX bike tires is important for your experience when you go riding. A solid pair of BMX bicycle tires gives you the self-confidence to do tricks that evolve you as a rider because you don’t have to worry about whether your BMX bike tires hold up to the beating.

BMX bike tires made for BMX freestyle disciplines such as flatland and street BMX are designed to be both durable and give you great stability when you’re doing tricks on a level, clean ground.

How to choose the right size

BMX bicycle tires and wheels for Freestyle BMX bikes are available in sizes 16’’ to 20’’.

However, 20’’ is the most common size, and preferred by most riders. If you’re a kid under the age of 12, it might be an idea to go for a smaller pair of BMX bicycle tires.

The width of BMX bicycle tires is typically between 1’’ and 2.4’’. The size of the BMX bike inner tube is listed in the product description. Most of the BMX bike tubes fit all tire widths.

The tread pattern of the tires varies from model to model. BMX tires with much tread pattern provide a good grip. Less tread pattern provides less resistance, and thus a faster bike. Most Freestyle BMX bikes have wide tires with much tread pattern to secure a great grip.

Under pressure

So how much air should I put in my BMX tires? - You might ask yourself. We recommend that you look at the recommended PSI for your BMX bike tires, which in most cases can be found on the side of the wheel.