Roller Derby Skating

What Is Roller Derby?

Roller derby is a fun, physical sport where the aim of the game is to skate around an indoor rink and lap the opponents. Invented by Leo Seltzer in the 1930s, roller derby is most popular in the US but is played around the world. The sport is known for its inclusivity and a high level of women players. Most roller derby games are played on flat, oval tracks rather than banked.

Roller derby players wear boots with four wheels that look similar to classic roller skates. When competing, players choose their own name which acts as their alter ego whenever playing derby. Furthermore, players are known for adding flair to their uniform, often wearing vibrant makeup, face paint and fishnets.

Derby skating is known for being a very physical activity, and wearing protective gear is a must. Despite this physicality, junior leagues exist for younger players.

How Roller Derby Works

Roller derby is a fast and full-contact sport that is played between two teams made up of 5 players. Great fun for both participants and spectators, a game of roller derby is referred to as a bout. Each bout is made up of two 30-minute periods where the players take part in two-minute intervals, referred to as “jams.”

Both teams choose a jammer, who can be recognized by the star on their helmet. The rest of the team members are called blockers and their responsibility is to stop the jammer from getting around the rink. The jammer’s goal is to lap each of the opposing teams’ blockers and therefore score points.

How to Start Roller Derby

You can start roller derby with a pair of regular roller skates but it is highly recommended to go for some durable Derby Skates. The next step is to find a local derby skating club near you and then you will be all set! As it is a very physical sport, remember to get pads, a mouthguard and some crash pants.

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