Elbow protection


Every skater, blader, rider, and biker should wear elbow pads

Head, knees, wrists, and elbows are the four spots on the body, that most people tend to spend some energy trying to protect. In this section, you will find our collection of elbow pads for elbow protection.

Of the four important places to protect, many people often neglect the importance of protecting the elbows. If you really hurt your elbow joint, this can turn out to be a lifelong disorder, that you will never recover 100 pct. from.

A few years ago a set of elbow pads was very uncomfortable and made it impossible for the user to get a full range of movement. In the modern-day elbow, protection is designed for improved fit, in order to allow more freedom for movement.

Here at SkatePro we always recommend people to use a full set of protective gear that includes everything from the helmet, knee- and elbow pads and wrist-protection.