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Scope of Application

The following terms and conditions apply to all orders via our online shop.

Contractual partner, conclusion of contract

The purchase contract is concluded with SkatePro US Inc. The presentation of the products in the online shop is not a legally binding offer, but a non-binding online catalog. By clicking the order button, you are placing a binding order for the goods in the shopping cart. The receipt of your order is confirmed by email immediately after the order has been sent and does not yet constitute an acceptance of the contract. We can accept your order by sending a declaration of acceptance in a separate email or by delivering the goods within 2 days. If you have chosen the PayPal payment method, the contract is concluded at the time you confirm the payment order to PayPal.

Prices and shipping

Prices on the website are shown in U.S. dollars, excluding taxes. Shipping and handling charges, which are calculated during checkout. Currently, all orders are being shipped from a warehouse located in Europe. Orders are handled by SkatePro US Inc. (in California), so you will not be charged any import duties upon receiving the order.

Shipping costs

In addition to the stated product prices, there are also shipping costs. You can find out more about the amount of shipping costs in the offers.

Right of Withdrawal

SkatePro offers you to return the order up to 365 days after receiving the order. The returned products must be in the same condition and quantity as they were when you received them.

The goods can be returned by the following methods:

In both cases you, as the customer pays for the cost of returning the product, SkatePro will not take over any costs that may occurr in regard to the return.We always recommend registering your return online with our Easy Return system. There, you can order one of our return labels. You can also decline the offer by choosing to arrange the return shipment by yourself. For both methods, the product’s condition is your responsibility from the time of delivery until it is returned to us.

Note: SkatePro cannot compensate for costs, which might emerge from one’s own chosen return option. When sending products back to us on your own, you need to make sure to attach your order number. If you do not register your return online, you need to inform us about your withdrawal via email.

We do not offer the Right of Withdrawal for the following products

  1. Services and goods to be manufactured or adapted to the consumer's individual needs, where the production or adaptation process has begun. But this only applies when you have previously given consent to SkatePro to start this process before the right of withdrawal expires.
  2. Recreational activities, including entertainment or sporting events, when it shows in the agreement on which day or within which certain period the service is to be performed.

Refund of the invoice amount

If you regret your purchase and wish to have the entire invoice amount to be refunded, you must return all products including the original product packaging in the same condition as they were when you received them. When we receive your return, we will examine the products to evaluate the condition of the goods and refund the corresponding amount back with the same payment type that was used at the purchase of the product. For example, if you paid the order with a credit card, the invoice amount will be refunded to the credit card, which was originally used when placing the order, if nothing else has been agreed upon.

For gift cards, the following applies:

  • The amount of a gift card will be refunded only if this amount was actually paid. This means that there will be no refund for a gift card if you received it as a promotion or bonus.
  • When returning an unused gift card, you will get the gift card amount refunded.
  • If you paid with a gift card and returned your items, you will get a new gift card.
  • If you have partially paid with a gift card and return your items, you will get the value of the gift card refunded to your SkatePro credit account. The remaining amount will be refunded via the original payment method.

We are entitled to wait with the refund until we have received the returned items to be able to check the condition of the goods.


You are responsible for a possible deterioration of the value of the product if the product has been handled in a different manner than what is needed to determine the nature and physical property of the product. If the product has been tried more than this, we consider it as used. This means that in case of withdrawal, only some or none of the purchase amount will be refunded to you, depending on the product's trading value.

If you want to make use of your right of withdrawal, your return has to be sent to:

SkatePro ApS
Omega 6, Søften
8382 Hinnerup
DK - Denmark

Ordering and payment

  • You will be informed via email if orders are being subject to printing errors, stock errors or errors in the pricing.
  • When completing an order, you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions. A copy of the agreement will be attached to your order confirmation email.
  • Only persons of legal age can order at SkatePro unless there is the consent of a parent or a legal guardian.
  • The invoice amount will be drawn, when the order has been dispatched when paying with all major credit cards or PayPal.

Privacy Policy During Purchase

We collect personal data during the purchase process on our website. Please note, that you accept our privacy policy when using our website, including our use of cookies.

Price Match Policy

We offer to match the lower prices of our competition, with the following terms:

  • The product has to be identical in all features, size, colors, and all other specifications, and it must be in stock and directly available for order to your shipping address at the competitor's website.
  • The price match will take into account the sale terms including shipping, delivery fees, and taxes that might apply from a competitor’s website. For example, if the product cost on the competitor’s website is $100 and the shipping is an extra $30, the match will be up to $130.
  • Any additional rewards and sales promotions will be waived on price matched items.
  • The price must be substantially lower (minimum $5 difference in price)
  • Items may not be for resale and are limited to 1 per customer.

In the following cases we are not able to offer price match:

  • No price match will be available after the purchase
  • Clearance, closeout, and liquidation items on our or competitor’s website
  • This policy does not include auction websites, such as eBay, or sites that offer sales through third-party sellers, such as Amazon.
  • Any client-specific deals, vouchers and/or one-time promotions offered by a competitor
  • The price match service is not available at the time of the storewide promotional period – Cyber Monday, Singles' Day, Black Friday, Christmas, etc.
  • We only match product prices, not services such as shipping, therefore if the price of a product is lower in our shop, but the shipping cost is higher, we do not match the full cost.
  • This policy does not include Special Order/Dropship Items.
  • This policy does not include non-U.S. based websites.
  • Not valid with any other promotions or discounts.

The price match is subject to staff verification and each case is reviewed individually. We reserve the right to refuse to provide a price match. Read more about our price match policy here.

Claims Handling

You have a right of complaint of 24 months on all products. This right of complaint means that you, the customer, can complain about the deficiencies of the product, which has been present at delivery. It is, however, a prerequisite that these deficits are not caused by your incorrect use of the purchase or other injurious behaviors that have led to shortages. This means that the right to claim a product is cancelled if the product has signs of misuse, abuse, has not been maintained as described in the manual or there have been done constructive changes on the product. If the claim is approved you either get it repaired or replaced, a refund or reduction in price, depending on the specific situation and SkatePro’s assessment.

You are obliged to report defects as fast as possible, if you wish to make a claim. If you receive a product with a defect, contact SkatePro first, do not use the product! Do not use the product if the damage was noticed or if the damage occurred at a later point in time of the delivery or the first use. After you have informed SkatePro about the claim, Skatepro will give you further instructions. The shipping costs to return a claim will be covered, but only with a prior shipping agreement with SkatePro.

If the defect occurs within 6 months we must assume the defect has been on the product when you received it. In this case, SkatePro will try to repair the defect up to 3 times, and will issue a refund or replace the product, if these repairs are not successful. Wear and misuse are not considered as claims. If the product is between 6 and 24 months old, you have to prove to SkatePro that the defect has not occurred because of abuse, wrong use of product or failure to maintain the product.

To be able to assess a claim case, we are in need to inspect the condition of the specific product. To initiate a claim evaluation, proceed with one of the following methods:

  • In most cases, we are able to evaluate a claim case without the need of sending the product back right away. You will get the fastest assessment of an issue by sending us an email with a description and some conclusive pictures of the flaw.
  • Send in the product along with a detailed description of the flaw of the product, including the cause of the damage.

When returning goods, we politely ask you to issue the return online or to inform us via email. If you want to return a product without using one of our return services, we will cover the costs for the cheapest return option, if the claim evaluation results in a positive outcome.

Note: the product is your responsibility from the time of delivery until it is returned to us. Therefore make sure that the product is securely wrapped during shipping. In case of a self-organised return, please keep the tracking number and also the receipt so that you can report this to your chosen supplier in case of a lost package.


SkatePro does not offer any warranty. Claims arising from a manufacturer’s warranty can only be claimed by you against the manufacturer, who has provided the warranty.


All purchases on our website are done in English. You can always find information about previous orders by logging into your account (top of our website). Your shopping cart is saved if you register at our site and is sent to you via email if a purchase is interrupted.

Limitation of Liability

The content of the site, including, but not limited to articles, guides, videos, photos, or any other type of information and content, is general and should not be considered as final advice due to unforeseen factors such as differing capabilities of users, personal preferences, weather conditions or any additional demands on equipment that occur while using the equipment. You should always consult your case in person with a certified professional, to better understand your own needs, skill-set and acknowledge the general limits of the equipment. The information and guidance provided on our site is not a valid substitute for in-person advice by a qualified professional.

  • Delivery date - Shipping and delivery dates are only predictions. The real delivery time may change due to unforeseen events on the site of the shipping carrier. SkatePro holds no responsibility for the delivery delays.
  • Pricing - Prices on the website are shown in U.S. dollars excluding taxes, shipping and handling charges, which are calculated during checkout.
    In the event of a pricing error, whether on the site, in an order confirmation or during processing of the order - we reserve the right to correct such error and if necessary revise your order accordingly, including charging the correct price or cancel the order and refund any amount charged.
  • Availability - All items are subject to availability, and we reserve a right to modify or reject all or part of an order, even if the order is already placed. SkatePro does not guarantee the availability of goods, as picking and stock errors might occur during normal operation of the warehouse. If a purchased item is unavailable due to a stock error, SkatePro will reach out to the customer and try to find a suitable alternative or refund the order.
  • Content accuracy - We do our best to ensure that information on our site is complete, accurate, and up to date. However, despite high efforts, some information on the site might be incomplete or inaccurate. All specifications, product descriptions, and articles are subject to change without notice.
  • Product pictures accuracy - The majority of product pictures presented on our website are made in our photo studio, where we make sure that pictured colors are as close to reality as possible. However, the actual color you see will depend on the device you use for browsing. We cannot guarantee that your computer will accurately display colors due to manufacturer color calibration.

Orders will be shipped to the provided address by the purchaser as long as that shipping address is valid and compliant with the shipping restrictions listed on the website. The customer is responsible for filing any claims with the applicable carrier if the parcel shows any sign of damage.

You acknowledge and assume full responsibility for risks and potential injuries that might occur while performing outdoor activities or using products presented on our site. SkatePro assumes no responsibility for any personal injury, death, property, or equipment damage associated with any product or service provided on our site. You must always adhere to all local, state, and federal laws during the use of any product, and it is your responsibility to determine the nature of these laws.

Skatepro.com is operated by

SkatePro US Inc.
c/o Martensen Wright
One Capitol Mall, Suite 670
Sacramento, CA 95814

Currently, SkatePro has no physical store in the USA.

In case of any questions, feel free to contact us at:
Email: email@skatepro.com
Telephone: 1-786-352-8152

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