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When you’re out speed skating, inline speed skating, roller skating, running or maybe cross country skiing, it’s important to keep tempered and dry. In this category, you’ll find everything you’ll need from vests over boot covers to sweatbands.

Vest: A must-have

In periods of unstable weather a vest is a key item to own and wear. It’s great for the chilly mornings or the winter afternoons, where the sun is going down while you are out doing your thing. No matter if you’re training or competing in a race the clothing affects your performance. When you’re out there on the road layering is the way to go to keep a comfortable temperature. The vest is a great item to bring. It takes up very little space, yet is perfect to take out and wear when you're feeling cold - At the same time, the vest still allows you a full range movement of the arms.

Boot covers

The fall and winter can be a challenging time of the year to practice sports such as speed skating, inline speed skating, and roller skating. Your feet get wet and frozen, and this is something that can ruin the day when you are out doing your favorite sport. But why let the weather and temperature dictate when you are allowed to do what you love?

Boot covers, or overshoes as some call them, are made to protect your feet from the weather and are a must-have if you want to ride all year long. The covers you find in this category are made from a material, that keeps water and wind out. Simply to prevent your feet from getting wet and cold.