Skate clothing & Skate accessories

Dress to impress

In this category, you’ll find everything you’ll need from skate vests, skate socks, to skate bags made for speed skating. You will also find lifestyle skate apparel and accessories that are perfect for everyday life and casual inline skating and aggressive skating.

It can be quite a hustle to transport your roller skates back and forth to the roller rink or carry your aggressive skates to your favorite street sport or local skate park!

The good news is that we are carrying a vast selection of skate bags and skate backpacks.

From sweatpants to denim

A good pair of pants is always a must when you go skating. If you are out on your fitness inline skates on a chilly day, a pair of pants are crucial. You want to stay warm and dry and be able yo move freely, but at the same time be safe from the wind.

If you are aggressive skating, long pants are always a good idea. Many core bladers always wear long pants, even in hot weather. Why? Mainly because it works as mild protection to avoid your skin from being directly in contact with the asphalt if you crash.

You find both skate pants for fitness inline skating and aggressive inline and roller skating here.

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