Aggressive skate wheels

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Aggressive skate wheels

For aggressive skating, riders often prefer to have small wheels with a diameter of 54-64mm, as small aggressive inline wheels are making it easier to make stunts because of the stability they provide since you are close to the ground.

The wheels are very hard and often range from 88A-95A. With hard and aggressive skate wheels you get the most out of your stunts. With hard aggressive wheels, you avoid that the wheels stick to the surface as would be the case if they were soft wheels that have more grip.

If you are skating ramps a soft aggressive wheel with a lot of grip, can make you fall.

Aggressive inline wheels have a very flat profile which ensures optimal control in every situation.

Sold in sets of four

Aggressive inline wheels are usually sold in sets of four. The reason for this is, that stunt and aggressive skaters often use two different kinds of wheels on their skates. The four wheels in the middle are often a bit smaller and harder than the other four wheels. This makes the skate less responsive but also easier to land when doing air tricks. Another reason is, that the harder wheels in the middle provide the skater with optimal control when doing grinds.

Notice: All aggressive skate wheels are sold without bearings (unless otherwise stated). The reason for this is, that most aggressive skaters have their own preferences about the bearings.

If you are in any doubt about which wheels or bearings you should choose, you are more than welcome to give us a call.

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