Trick scooter Merchandise

Pimp your scooter with scooter merchandise

Support your favorite scooter brand by applying stickers to your scooter or on other things that you feel need some decoration. Read the magazines and stay updated with what's going on in the scooter scene or put up banners and posters of your brand for a cool scooter vibe.

In this category, you will find original scooter merchandise such as stickers, magazines, banners and posters from trick scooter brands. You will also find SkatePros exclusive sticker sheet. Our graphics designers usually create a new sticker once a year so be sure to get your hands on the current one before it’s too late.

A banner is a great piece of scooter merch

In the banners section, we have big banners from most of the scooter brands, that we sell here at SkatePro. The scooter banners are usually bought by very dedicated riders, club and events who want to flash their love and devotion to their sport.

All the banners are pretty big, and they will be visual from a long distance - making sure, that everyone knows where to find you or your skate event.

Scooter merch is also a great gift to give to someone, that loves scootering but has every piece of scooter hardware that anyone could ever desire - A gift for the kid that has everything.

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