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Scooters for every taste

Scootering has become a popular sport, and the selection of scooters and spare parts has increased significantly in the last few years. With the growing popularity of pro scooters, many pro scooters and parts of high quality have emerged, but there is still a lot of cheap scooters of poor quality in the market.

There are three main kinds of scooters: for stunts, for transport and for fun.

Pro scooters

These scooters, also called trick scooters, are typically used in skateparks, urban areas and parking lots. It is a technical and equipment-intensive sport, and the scooters are exposed to massive pressure and wear. No scooter lasts forever, but modern pro scooters are very durable, and the selection is wide. They are reinforced and designed for durability. You can also find a wide range of custom components, for you to build your own dream scooter. Assembled custom scooters typically consist of specific components from different brands, assembled by experts.

Scooters with big wheels

For transportation, we recommend scooters with big wheels (120mm or more). These scooters are usually designed for adults, but can also be used by children. They can often be folded and therefore are easy to carry in a train, at school or at the workplace. Big wheels are less sensitive to irregularities in the road, they have more directional stability and they roll faster than small wheels. Big wheel scooters with plastic wheels are still quite common, but you should try to avoid these. Plastic wheels have a less pleasant to ride and they are easily broken.

Conventional scooters

These scooters were almost reinvented in the late 1990s when a new scooter type made of aluminum entered the market. These scooters can be folded and they are generally quite practical. The quality can vary, and if you choose to buy such a scooter in a supermarket or a toy store, always check whether the quality is in order. At SkatePro we try to avoid selling scooters of poor quality.

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