Wetsuit Accessories

Surf 'gadgets' you didn't know you need

If you take good care of your wetsuit it will usually serve you for many years. But even if you take extremely good care of your wetsuit, it will probably get a tear or a hole at some point in its lifetime. To fix this, we have neoprene glue, that will take care of this in no time. In this category for wetsuit accessories and other wetsuit gear/wetsuit equipment, you will find neoprene glue and everything else you need to optimize your wetsuit's durability and thereby expand its lifetime.

You need this piece of wetsuit gear

Many surfers usually think that if you rinse your wetsuit with fresh water and hang it in the shade, you have done everything, that is needed to expand the lifetime. Well - not quite.

Salt from the water, ultraviolet light, contact with sand, urine and the constant stretching all take a toll. The wetsuit is working for you and therefore deserves a cleaning, some rest and proper treatment. So you should always use a special kind of shampoo, that is formulated and developed for neoprene wetsuits. This shampoo is called wetsuit cleaner and is something that we would recommend that everyone who uses a wetsuit uses. This cleans the suit and kills all germs and bacteria on the inside.

An important thing to remember is, that hot water destroys your wetsuit's flexibility. Therefore you should never put your wetsuit in a washing machine. When it comes to the drying process, you should always hang it inside out, indoors. This should happen right after the cleaning process, and always away from sunlight. No ironing or dryers, of course.

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