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BMX bike pedals are a key part of the BMX bicycle. They’re used for both keep the balance and for acceleration. BMX freestyle pedals are made for taking a lot of abuse. They are made of either steel, aluminum or plastic. Freestyle BMX bikes usually have steel or plastic pedals, while aluminum pedals are most common on BMX racing bikes.

The advantage of steel pedals is the durability. A disadvantage of steel pedals is the weight, as they can be a bit heavy. Plastic pedals are much lighter than steel pedals, but at the same time, they are easily worn out or even broken. However, plastic pedals are easy and cheap to replace.

Like most other parts for BMX racing bikes, the pedals are often made of aluminum as well. The aluminum pedals are light as well as durable, though not as durable as steel pedals. Just like on mountain bikes, many BMX racing bikes have clipless pedals, to secure that the feet stay on the pedals when you race. However, if you should fall off the bike, the shoe will loosen from the pedal. Clipless pedals are only used for Race, not for Freestyle.

Worn down BMX bike pedals has less grip, and as a freestyle BMX rider, your feet will often leave the pedals when doing tricks. You need a proper grip to avoid slipping and damaging your shins or crash your bike. Trust a pair of BMX freestyle bike pedals can cause quite a bit of pain to your shins.

Some pedals feature steel pins for better traction. Steel pins are handy because you can change the pins separately plus customize how many pins (how much grip) you want.

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