Scooter griptape

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Scooter grip tape - why use it?

When mounting a stunt scooter, grip tape is essential in order not to make your feet slip away. Griptape makes sure that your feet are locked onto your deck. Especially when doing your tricks, the grip tape provides extra grip to execute your landings safely and gives you control over your scooter.

On this page, you can see our large selection of pro scooter grip tape to add grip to your deck. The grip tape is also an easy and cheap way to customize your pro scooter, which is why we offer a wide selection of colors and designs.

Changing your scooter grip tape

Over time your stunt scooter grip tape will wear down and be less grainy, an indicator you have to change it. You can choose to buy your grip tape pre-cut, so that you can attach it to your deck right out of the box. If you prefer to cut it yourself, we also have sheets and rolls you can buy. Buying a whole roll of grip tape is a great way to save some money, and if you are a few friend who all needs new grip tape this is also an optimal solution.

When installing your scooter grip tape, you should be careful to avoid air bubbles under the grip tape. Air bubbles will make the stunt scooter grip tape less durable and less fastened to the deck.

Grip tape can also make your scooter appear more stylish. It comes in different colors and in themes.

If you have more questions concerning buying a new grip tape for your scooter, you can read our guide Buying scooter grip tape.