Cross Country Ski Clothing

In this category you will find a great selection of cross country ski clothing for both men and women.

Cross Country Ski Clothing Designs

Cross country ski clothing can be compared to some degree with sportswear for running. The design of cross country ski clothing differ from running sportswear, since it is more functional in movement. Besides that, it is also designed with more protection and often wind breaker material in the front, to keep you warm in movement. Cross country ski clothing are also often made of breathable materials, so the heat coming from your back can circulate out. This makes cross country ski clothing optimal for other kinds of sports and for daily biking tours to work.

Cross country ski clothing are often used with three layers. A layer absorbing the sweat, a warm middle layer and a layer protecting from the wind and cold. These three cross country ski clothing layers are often combined with gloves and hats.