Thermal Underwear & Long Johns

Why should you use base layer thermal underwear?

To keep warm and dry is important for a successful day on the mountain. Thermals are the base layer of your clothes, when you’re are out skiing, snowboarding or hiking in the cold weather. Thermals often consist of long underwear - typically a t-shirt with long sleeves and a pair of long underpants. We carry a wide selection of thermals for men and thermals for women.

Thermals will keep you dry and regulate temperature

Unlike “normal” long underwear thermal underwear is designed to lead the sweat and moisture away from your body to keep you dry. Furthermore, most of the thermal long underwear you’ll find in this category will not only keep you warm but actually regulate your temperature and some of our long underwear are even made with ribs at the knees and ankles for nice fit and comfort. So the only thing you have to worry about is having fun out on the slopes. We recommend that you choose underwear that’s made of either synthetic fabric, merino wool or silk.

Aim for a tight fit for thermals

To get the best function out of your thermal underwear your base layer should fit tightly even under your armpits. Otherwise, the moisture may not be transported out of the garment, and stay on your skin leaving you to be wet and freeze.

You can use thermal underwear on a regular basis

It’s not only when you’re out on the slopes that thermal underwear comes in handy. Due to the thermal underwears ability to transport moisture away from your skin and allow your body to breath, it’s also good for when you’re out running or biking or hiking, or just simply work outside.

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