Off-Road Roller Blades

What Are Off-Road Skates?

Can you rollerblade on a dirt road? Yes, you can. You just need a pair of off-road skates, also called off-road roller blades, which are basically inline skates specially made for uneven, unforgiving surfaces. They can be taken over mountain tracks or into the woods to navigate across the wilderness. Featuring big air tires, this kind of all-terrain skates provide optimal grip on cobblestones, rough surfaces and even wet ground. Off-road roller blades offer great potential for an exhausting full-body workout.

No matter the season, the terrain, or the weather, off-road skates are perfect to explore new surroundings and enjoy nature at any time of the year. A good choice for those looking to skate outside urban environments and try a new outdoor experience.

Choosing the Right Off-Road Inline Skates

The right all-terrain roller blades for off-road adventures depend on your skating style and preference. Generally speaking, off-road skating can be divided into cross-country and downhill skating styles.

With a setup similar to normal inline skates, downhill oriented off-road roller blades feature a heavy-duty frame designed to take a lot of abuse. Equipped with two or three tires, these skates withstand high speeds and offer great maneuverability when rolling inside a forest or dirt road.

Cross-country off-road skates look a lot like roller skis, but only with two air tires, which makes it easy to skate in the wild. Their frames are built to provide stability and great power transfer. In addition, cross-country off-road skates are equipped with calf or cuff brakes for added safety.

The usual wheel diameter in all the off-road skates is somewhere between 125mm and 150mm, but some cross-country models have a wheel diameter up to 200mm. The liners in boots are generally heat-moldable to provide better fit and comfort.

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