Kiteboarding and Wakeboard Impact Vests


Quality wakeboard impact vest is a worthy inVESTment

A wakeboard impact vest or a water ski impact vest can save you from some serious bruising. If you crash at high speed, the impact with the water can be a very painful experience.

The importance of choosing the right wake/comp vest is pretty crucial. Wearing a vest that is suited for you will both improve your overall performance as well as increase your comfort level. You will be spending lots of time in your vest, so this is not a piece of gear, that you will rush into buying. You want to get something that looks good, feels comfortable, and keeps you safe.

An impact vest is not a life jacket or a buoyancy vest

An impact vest is not a life jacket nor is it a buoyancy vest. Floating-wise It's actually somewhere in between. It offers you some buoyancy but not as much as a life jacket would do. This makes the impact vest a lot lighter and less restrictive, which gives the user more freedom of movement, and this is very important in towing water sports. Especially when you reach a certain skill level, and wants to learn more advanced tricks, jumps, and spins.

To provide the user with the most freedom to move it is important that a wakeboard impact vest fits perfectly. Most impact vests have multiple kinds of adjustment possibilities, so make sure, that the vest is prober adjusted before you get on your board or skies.

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