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What Ski Boot Flex Should I Choose?

The boot flex refers to how much resistance the boot provides when leaning and pressing forward in a proper fitting alpine boot with slightly bended knees.

So the flex is the boot flexibility in the forward direction. In general, the most sold alpine ski boots are with the following flex: Men between 80-130 and for women, it is between 65-110.

Please be aware that this chart is just guidance and some skiers might not fit this guide due to special preferences, skills or weight. The suggested flex numbers range within 10-25 figures.

If you know that you want to progress with these boots, you should choose a boot in the high ranges or even higher than recommended in the chart. A beginner should choose a low number in the range or even below the suggested.

This chart does not take into consideration that the flex indication is not a norm and therefore can vary from brand to brand. Nor that changes in temperatures will affect the experience of the ski boot flex.

Below is a guide table for choosing the right flex fitting you best.

Ski boot flex chart

Skill level Men Women Kids Feeling
First timer Flex: 60-70 Flex: 40-60 Flex: 30-50 soft
Beginner Flex: 70-90 Flex: 60-70 Flex: 30-50 medium soft
Intermediate Flex: 80-100 Flex: 70-80 Flex: 40-60 medium
Advanced Flex: 90-120 Flex: 80-100 Flex: 60-70 stiff
Expert Flex: 100-130 Flex: 90-110 Flex: 70-90 very stiff
Professional Racing Flex: 140-150 Flex: 120-140 Flex: 100-110 very stiff

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