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Penny board & cruiser board bearings

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Penny board & cruiser skateboard bearings

The bearings play an important role in giving you a smooth and comfortable ride when you’re out on your cruiser board or Penny board. Each wheel contains two bearings. If you take a closer look at the side of your penny board bearings or cruiser board bearings you’ll see a small ABEC and then a number. This is an international measuring scale of the precision of bearings. Abec1 to Abec9. The higher the number, the higher the precision in the bearing.

No need to break the bank

Unlike downhill and freeride you don’t need to spend a lot of money on penny board bearings or cruiser board bearings. Of course, the bearings are important, but if you’re not trying to go crazy fast, you’re much better off spending your money on upgrading your wheels or trucks.

This is not the same as your penny board bearings or cruiser skateboard bearings should not always be in prime condition. Keep your bearings away from dirt, water, and gravel.

Prolong the life of your bearings

In time your penny board bearings and cruise skateboard bearings will get filthy. Instead of replacing them try cleaning them. You can use the Bones Bearing Cleaner a simple and easy way to clean your penny board bearings and cruise skateboard bearings without getting your hands dirty.

If you aren't afraid of getting a little grease on your hands and you’re ready to invest a little time, you can also clean your bearings in an old-fashion way. Check out our guide for maintaining your bearings here.

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