Scooter Accessories & Miscellaneous


What Are the Essential Accessories for a Stunt Scooter Rider?

Scooter accessories are indispensable to every freestyle rider spending their day at the park or the streets. A water bottle is always a must-have, many professionals stress the importance of keeping yourself hydrated during long sessions.

A pouch or a cross-body waistpack are optimal choices for those looking to carry their keys, wallet or phone. Many brands offer waist packs to carry your necessities while riding, without compromising freedom of movement and performance.

Are Stunt Scooter Rider Accessories Worth It?

If you are looking to personalize your setup and riding experience, branded scooter keychains and stickers are valuable choices. You will feel unique on the road while supporting your favorite community of riders. PopGrips can be a fresh addition to your smartphone, and you can display your favorite rider wherever you go.

Never forget protective gear, that is the safest accessory you can add to your collection. Check also our selection of Scooter Safety Gear.

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