Skating Safety and Skate Protection Gear

Skating safety is essential

There is nothing worse than leaving the street or park before planned covered in bruises and road rash. No matter if you are an aggressive skater or a just into cruising around, you always want to wear the proper skate protection.

In this section, you’ll find both skates- and bicycle helmets as well as wrist guards, knee protectors, elbow protectors and many other types of protective equipment. This means that you’ll find protection for skateboarding, roller skating, and hockey, in both children and adult sizes.

Sixty percent of all skate-related injuries involve children under age 15. That’s why it’s especially important to make sure, that kids are wearing protective equipment while skating, riding, playing roller derby and roller- or ice hockey.

If you are buying your skating safety gear here at SkatePro, you can be sure, that the equipment is approved to meet all the European and American safety standards.

Always take precautions with the right skate protection gear

Besides wearing protective gear, there are a few precautions, that will limit the risk of getting hurt when you are out skating or riding.

  • Be careful with tricks and jumps.
  • Always empty your pockets of all hard and sharp objects.

Furthermore, it is always a great idea to do some stretching and conditioning exercises before and after your practice sessions or matches.

To sum it up: If you take your precautions and wear the right protection, you should be relatively safe when going out there performing stunts or playing hockey with your friends at the parking lot.