Inline skating technique for beginners

These basic inline skate exercises will not only give you better roller skating skills but will also help you leap through your transition from a rookie to an experienced beginner in no time.

Got a new pair of inline skates? Then there are a few basic techniques you need to get a hold on before you can excel in skating. The good news is, we've made it very easy and pretty quick to learn.

Invest 5-10 minutes watching our 'how to inline skate' videos, and get the full potential out of your new skates.

Get rolling
Any experienced inline skater will tell you that having the right leg stand is vital for your balance and your control when you skate. Getting this right will make it easier to spend longer time on your skates and will enable you to get more out of your strides.

The best is that adjusting your skating position isn't that much of a struggle, just check the video below.

Full stop
An essential part of skating is breaking. Mastering the different breaking techniques is a matter of control and, last but not least, keeping you safe. There are several ways to break. The first and most important technique, to begin with, is getting comfortable with the brake pad.

The T- stop is also a vital thing to master. This allows you to come to a full stop in no time. Both techniques can be learned in an afternoon if you follow the instructions in the video below.

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