BMX for kids

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Kids BMX bikes: The perfect foundation for a lifelong passion.

Is your child about to take his or her first strides into the amazing world of BMX? With one of the kids BMX bikes, you find here, you are sure to give them the best possible start.

Whether it's a race BMX, a freestyle BMX or a balance bike you are looking for, you can be sure to find it here. All the complete bikes you'll find here are both boys BMX bikes and girls BMX bike.

Despite their small size, most of our BMX bikes for kids are designed with real BMX geometry, so your child can get the real BMX feeling, and learn the most basic tricks.

A balance bike is a perfect choice for the smallest kids

You are never too young to start enjoying the freedom a bike gives. If your child can't ride a normal bike yet, a balance bike is a great alternative.

These "kids BMX bikes" give your child the perfect foundation for training his or her fine motor skills and balance when they ride round in the driveway or at the playground.

We always recommend wearing a helmet when riding a BMX bike. You'll find our huge selection of kids helmets right here.

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