Paris Truck Co.

Paris Truck Co. is widely recognized for its high-quality skateboard and longboard trucks providing durability and strength for your setup. Unlike many other brands that use leftover metals from old pourings, every Paris truck is constructed from a brand new pure metal. In addition, each truck undergoes a secondary heat treatment process, resulting in outstanding durability. Paris longboard and skateboard trucks are also designed to be beautiful, and they come in a range of vivid and eye-catching colors to ensure better personalization of your board.

Since its establishment in 2006 in California, the Paris Truck Company has been at the forefront of advanced truck designs. The first Paris longboard trucks introduced new and performance-improving features such as an open bushing seat that allowed a tighter turning radius, providing a better surf feeling than ever before.

With its long-lasting and top-quality trucks, it is no wonder that Paris Truck Co. has become one of the leading and most preferred skate truck companies across the globe.

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