Funbox, BMX Ramps & Grind Rails

BMX ramps for 'secret' practice at home

When you are doing freestyle BMX, the BMX rails, ramps, and funboxes are some of the essentials for you to get your daily fix of fun. Unfortunately, sometimes joining your crew at the park or your favorite spot is not possible because you don't have the time to wait 'on queue' for the BMX grind rail or simply get there.

The solution? Why not trying to build your own park in the garage, backyard or anywhere near you?

At SkatePro we have various BMX ramps and BMX rails that can easily give you the joy of freestyling but way closer to you. Of course, it may be hard to nail those Superman tricks in your garage with a smaller ramp but you can still get pretty good practice of rail grind tricks.

Keep the size of the BMX ramp in mind

One of the crucial things when buying a BMX ramp is to get a ramp that is big enough to give you the needed airtime to perform your trick. Since BMX bikes are quite bigger compared to skateboards, for example, you will need also need a certain kind of ramp to kick you up high enough to nail those X-ups and tail whips.

BMX rails, however, are quite similar to any other rail, just make sure it is sturdy and robust enough to take the weight and beating you will expose it to.

If you want a versatile obstacle to spice up your flat training grounds, try a funbox. Those are fast assembled and easy to place in your garden or driveway, and at the same time, it can be easily combined with a rail or quarterpipe.

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