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Buying a scooter deck

The scooter deck is what you stand on when riding.

Changing the deck on a scooter is like changing the frame on a bicycle, you have to exchange all the parts and make sure they all fit on the new. So remember to check your fork, headset, peg and wheel before upgrading.

The illustration below shows what is what on a deck:

Most decks are made from aluminum. Brakes and axle are usually included, unless specified otherwise.

Hints for buying decks:

  • Lightweight decks don't last as long as heavy decks, but are easier to make tricks with.
  • Heavy decks last longer but rotate slower in tricks.
  • Land your tricks evenly on the deck, by doing so your deck will last longer.
  • Not all pegs fit on all decks due to different designs of decks and pegs.
  • Forks come in different lengths, a too short fork might not reach into a SCS, ICS or HIC system.
  • The angle of the headtube defines how much the bar will point towards you.
  • Griptape can be replaced as often as you like. Remember to clean the deck before applying.
  • Integrated headtubes only fit integrated headsets.

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