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Buying Cruiser Skateboards

This guide will help you find the right cruiser skateboard for exactly your or your kid’s needs, by explaining some of the most important elements of cruiser skateboards.

You are also welcome to contact us, if you are in doubt about which cruiser skateboard to buy.

What type of cruiser skateboard should you choose?

Generally, there are two types of cruiser skateboards, which differentiate from each other by their materials and shapes. Both types are optimal for kids, beginner skaters, as well as for skaters who would like to have an agile board with smooth riding characteristics. Most cruiser skateboards are designed with a kick tail in the back of the boards, similar to old school pool skateboards.

We here explain to you the two types of cruiser boards available here at SkatePro:

Penny boards & cruiser skateboards with a plastic deck

Cruiser skateboards of plastic also know as Penny boards, are designed with small narrow decks and of lightweight materials. These types of boards therefore offer a great turning ability and are easy to carry, and because of that, optimal for children. They are typically designed with large and soft wheels, making the boards fast and easy to ride.

These types of boards are not optimal for tricks. So if that is what you or your kid desires, a normal skateboard is preferable.

Find our selection of plastic cruiser skateboards.

Cruiser skateboards made of wood

Wooden cruiser skateboards are a fusion of skateboards and longboards. They are ideal for transportation or just cruising around the city. The design of the decks is a bit wider than the plastic cruiser boards, making it easier to ride.

Besides that, compared to skateboards, they are most often designed with a higher truck and larger and softer wheels, which makes it easier to ride.

Find our selection of cruiser skateboards made of wood.

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