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Buying Snowboard Boots

The choice of snowboard boots depends on your level, shoe size and whether you are passionate about riding on piste, in the park or in the off-piste. In addition, your preference for lacing system also plays a role.

Snowboard Boots Fit

A snowboard boot should be fairly tight, so the tip of your toes just barely goes to the front of the boot, while you are still able to rock your toes up and down. In order to achieve an optimal fit, it should only be possible to lift your heel minimally when laced and preferably not at all.

The inner boot is recommended to be a half size smaller or the same size as your normal shoe size, as the boot expands and fits you after you have used it for some time.

Snowboard boots are measured in EU sizes.

Snowboard Boot Flex

  • A soft boot flex is more forgiving and stable, making it optimal for park riding, as well as for beginner and intermediate snowboarders.

  • A hard flex is seen more often in snowboard boots for off-piste and piste riding, as it offers edge grip and stability. A stiffer boot design also offers you a faster response of your movements.

Lacing Systems used for Snowboard Boots

We have categorized the three lacing systems at SkatePro like this:

  • Traditional laces, as in ordinary shoes. It takes a little longer to tie them, but you know what you get, and they are easy to replace when they are worn out.
  • Speed ​​lacing system consists of either a single or two laces. The system requires a single pull to tie the whole boot. This makes it quick and easy to get your boots on and gives a good fit.
  • BOA lacing system consist of small steel wires, which are simply tightened with an easy closing system that ensures a balanced fit.

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