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Claims on decks?

Unfortunately, there exists no deck, which can withstand everything. Decks produced for the purpose of tricks are often exposed to extreme pressure especially at landings and therefore have limited durability.

In general, the lighter the deck is, the shorter is the lifetime of the deck. Apart from that, the frequency and roughness of the usage has a very big impact on the lifespan as well. All good riders that do tricks on scooters experience that the deck will break after wear and tear.

So how do you decide, whether a claim on a deck will be accepted or if it's due to usage?

Example where a claim sometimes will be accepted
Here you see a picture of a deck that is broken within the claim period of 2 years. The welding on the deck is broken.

As you can see on the 2 pictures, the deck has been used for tricks and has normal marks of usage on the bottom of the deck. Also, the deck has not been modified. If there is an error or missing part on the deck (in this case typically an error in the welding) the claim will be accepted and you will get a new deck.

Example where a claim will be rejected
If the deck is worn as shown in this picture, then the strength of the deck has decreased due to wear. The claim will be rejected no matter how old the deck is. A claim on a modified scooter (with holes, mounted non-standard equipment etc.) will always be rejected.

Finally some tips on how to make your deck last longer:

  • Always land with your knees bent to absorb the shock of the landing
  • Keep everything on the scooter tight including your axles and headset
  • Avoid grinding on rough surfaces
  • Limit the number of fly outs you take
  • Never throw your scooter!
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