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Brake Mounting on Roxa Comp

When buying Roxa Comp a brake pad is included and easily mounted.
Necessary tools: 2 hex tools or skate-tool.

The brake pad is mounted in the brake house. Notice the special bolt that is needed for the brake.

With a hex tool on each side of the wheel, the old bolt and axle unscrewed and removed.

The present axle and bolt are removed with two hex tools.

The brake housing is pushed over the rear wheel. There is a pin on the back of the skate that has to fit in to the top part of the brake housing.

The brake housing is mounted by pushing it over the rear wheel.

The bolt for the brake is longer than the old bolt. This bolt is to be mounted with the axle.
Use the new and longer bolt.

Mount the axle and the longer bolt. Make sure to fasten tightly, (but no harder than the wheel is still able to move.) Save the old bolt in case you want to skate without brake later on.
Brake housing with brake pad mounted with axle and new bolt.

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