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How to Install BMX Cranks

Learn how to get your BMX cranks installed by following the simple steps in our video:

  1. Start by greasing your crank's spindle and inserting it into the bottom bracket.
  2. Using a rubber hammer, knock it in place.
  3. Slide on the bearing cover and grease the protruding part of the spindle.
  4. Now check for clearance between the crank and your frame. If needed, add a spacer.
  5. Next, slide on the crank and screw it in using a greased bolt.
  6. Now install the other bearing cover.
  7. Next, take the crank with the sprocket and make sure it is aligned with the first crank.
  8. Again, using a greased bolt, screw everything together.

Your cranks are now installed!

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