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Guide to buying kid's skates

There are two types of kid's skates to choose between - roller blades and roller skates. Many children's skates are size adjustable and have good ankle support, making them highly suitable for children. Learn how to choose the right skate for your child in this buying guide.

Watch this video to get a quick overview of what you should know before you buy a pair of children's skates. The video is in English.

Skating with your child is a giving and fun experience that not only is good exercise, but it also strengthens the child’s motor skills such as balance, all while getting fresh air. And if your child has just started to skate, it can be a good idea to skate with him/her to give them a sense of safety.

Should you choose roller blades or roller skates?

Roller blades and roller skates for kids have several characteristics in common, while differing in other aspects. At SkatePro, all the wheels on both types of skates are made of PU rubber (polyurethane) opposed to plastic. Rubber wheels are a better choice since they provide better surface grip compared to plastic wheels.

Furthermore, kid’s skates have good ankle support, which provides your child with better stability and control.

Kid's roller blades

With roller blades or inline skates, it is easier to build up and maintain speed. This is due to narrow wheels that have less surface contact and thereby also less roll resistance.

They are generally designed lightweight and since they do not have trucks, they need less maintenance.

We recommend inline skates if you plan to take your child on longer trips. Furthermore, you can perceive them as a summer alternative to ice skates and even practice your ice skating skills in the summertime.

Roller skates for kids / quad skates

Roller skates (also known as quad skates) have wheels that come in pairs opposed to in a line, and they are designed with a wide baseplate that provides more stability and balance. In the front there is a toe stop which is used for setting off, and it can also be used as a brake.

There is more roll resistance with quad skates because of the broader wheels. This means that your kid doesn’t suddenly get too much speed and take off.

Quad skates have trucks underneath, which allows you to adjust the hardness of the skates. This way you can either make the skate more maneuverable for easier turns or tighter for more directional stability.

Roller skates are typically known as the original skates since they were the first skates on the market, and some parents choose roller skates because they themselves had a pair in their childhood.

Size-adjustable children’s skates

Most children’s skates are size-adjustable, which makes choosing size a whole lot easier. Size-adjustable skates allow your child to grow with them up to about 3-4 sizes. And it is quite easy to adjust the size. You simply slide the boot forth and back by pressing a button or other mechanism.

If you choose a pair of skates that are not size adjustable, you should remember the following advices:

  • Always read the size guide presented on each product page.
  • The rule of thumb is to choose one size bigger than the normal shoe size - unless stated otherwise in the size guide.

Skate protection

To prevent any injuries we always recommend wearing a full set of skate protection covering the head, wrists, elbows and knees.

You should always choose certified safety equipment. That is why at SkatePro, you only find equipment that has been certified according to the EN 1078 norms. Moreover, most of our gear has been tested further by skaters.

We recommend that your child uses a skate helmet since it covers the back of the head well. This makes skate helmets especially good for skating where you usually fall backwards. Some skate helmets are even size adjustable. Wrist guards for children typically have two plates - one over and one under the hand. This stabilizes the child’s hand and protects it better from breaking.

Remember to look at the size guide to know which size to choose.

Maintenance of Kids Skates

It is important to treat your kid’s skates well to keep them running smoothly for years. This means:

  • Avoid skating in sand and water.
  • Store the skates in a dry place and preferably indoor.

See our wide selection of roller skates for kids or roller blades for kids.

Feel free to contact us for further advice should you still have any questions. Our customer support team is always ready to help you. :-)

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