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Buying a scooter headset

A headset is a necessary part in all scooters and is mounted in the fronttube/headtube on the deck. With the headset mounted correctly, the bar can spin freely.

The best available headset comes with concave, closed bearings. These are more impact resistant.

There are threaded and threadless headsets. To use a threadless headset you must use a compression system (read more).

  • Using a threadless headset (recommended by SkatePro) you also have to use a threadless fork.
  • Using a threaded headset you have to use a threaded fork.

Most highend headsets are threadless. These are separated into 2 categories, see illustration:

  • Non integrated headsets fit most decks and have to be knocked down, like we show in our video.
  • Integrated headsets only fit integrated decks, the installation is tool free.

Here you can see our video guide on how to install a scooter headset.

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