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Buying scooter compression

A compression system makes it easier to minimize the amount of slack, which over time always will appear in a trick scooter. Next to this the compression system will make sure that the bar spins better.

Note: There are also alternative compression systems.


Inverted/Internal Compression System (ICS) can be used on most bars and forks. Available in different lengths. Notice it's important that the compression bolt is securely attached to the starnut.


Hidden Internal Compression (HIC) is often used with bars that have a large inner diameter (ca. 32 mm). A shim can have different shapes and lengths but can also be made of different materials, plastic or metal.


Standard Compression System (SCS) is big clamp that is divided in 2 sizes. Usually 28 mm for the fork and available in 2 sizes, 32 mm standard or 34.9 mm oversized depending on the bar size.

Notice: You cannot use a bar with a cutout, since the SCS clamp will have nothing to tighten around. You can cut your bar, cutting your bar will void warranty.


Internal Hidden Compression (IHC) is often built into the fork. It is compatible with standard sized bars with an inner diameter of 28 mm. In the video below, we illustrate how to install it.


The secret to this system lies in the clamp. Once the upper part is tight, the cupped shape of the lower part will force it down towards the headset. This keeps everything dialed and tight. In the video below, we illustrate how to install it.

Notice: If the clamp is painted, it does not go as smooth being tightened over a metal bar. So in order to get it to work as it should, the clamp should be pulled a bit down.

On the picture here, you see how far down the clamp should be placed, before you mount the Pytel compression:

Here is how it should look when the Pytel part is attached:


TCS compression has all the benefits of the HIC compression system, but without the need for tools. It can simply be tightened using only your hand, which is why TCS stands for Toolless Compression System. In the video below, we shortly show how to mount the TCS compression kit.

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