Buying a clamp for a scooter

A clamp keeps your bar fixed to the fork of your scooter.

There are single, double, triple and quad versions (the number of bolts defines the name). Remember, if the bar is designed for a double clamp you can destroy the bar by using a triple or quad clamp, so always make sure to follow the instructions of the bar manufacturer.

Clamps are available in 2 different diameters, because of the different sizes of the bars.

  • 32 mm fit on standard bars (outer diameter)
  • 34.9 mm fit oversized bars (outer diameter)
  • Some of 34.9mm clamps include a shim (a small tube to make the inner diameter 32 mm). These clamps fit on both sizes of bars.

Some clamps have built-in SCS system and function as a compression system and clamp at the same time. These are also available in 2 sizes.

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A clamp should be tightened very tight and it is advisable to tighten after you have tightened the compression system, if you use this.

We would recommend you to extend your Allen key, in order to tighten it extra. Remember to cross tighten all the bolts at least 4 times !

This manual shows how you easily mount a clamp on the bar, if you have the right size, but still have difficulty mounting it on fork:

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