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Buying a scooter bar

If you are getting a one-piece bar for your scooter, you should consider if you want a steel (cromoly steel) or aluminum bar:

  • Steel bar: Cheaper and stronger compared to aluminum bars, but also weigh more.
  • Aluminum bar: Lightweight construction, and depending on the quality, pretty durable too.


Please note if the outer diameter of your bar is oversized or standard, as this will determine what clamp will fit. You should also note the inner diameter to determine which fork will fit, e.g. with or without HIC.

Standard bar
Fits standard clamps
and standard forks
Oversized bar
Fits oversized clamps
and standard forks
Oversized bar
Fits oversized clamps
and forks with HIC


Riders have different preferences when choosing a width. A good hint is to choose a bar with the same width as your shoulders. If you're mostly into technical tricks like barspins, choose a narrow bar. And if you're a big air and no hands tricks rider, then choose a wider bar. (Remember, you can always choose a wide bar and cut it to your preference!)


Stunt scooters are usually lower than standard scooters. Choosing a height is also a matter of preference. Skilled riders often choose lower bars to gain stability and better control. A tip when choosing the right height is to make sure the bar reaches somewhere between your hip and navel. Avoid making your bar wider than its height, as this is considered unstylish by skilled riders and can be uncomfortable for transportation.

Back sweep

This is when the bars handles bend back by a small amount, like bicycle bars do. This can add comfort, but can also take time to get used to.


If your fork is with thread, you usually have to choose a bar with an inner diameter of 28 mm and a cutout. All ICS compatible bars have an inner diameter of 28 mm and a cut, but the outer diameter can vary depending on the used material. Most 28 mm bars without thread will fit on forks with & without thread. Most new bars are without thread.


You cannot use a bar with a cutout with SCS, since the SCS clamp will have nothing to tighten around. You can cut your bar, this will however void the warranty.
If a bar is without the cutout, we call it SCS-ready.

Advice for mounting your bar

  1. If using a compression system, tighten this before mounting the bar on the fork!
  2. Loosen the bolts on the clamp and move the clamp up along the bar before mounting it on the fork.
  3. Make sure the bar is completely in contact with the bottom, before tightening the clamp. Tighten the clamp very hard at the bottom of the bar.
  4. Check for spacing between bar, headset and fork before every ride, if loose, adjust and tighten all of it. Failing to do so will result in poor control of the scooter and can inflict damage to your bar, fork and headset.

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