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Guide to buying freeskates

Before buying freeskates, you should decide whether you want to do urban skating or slalom since the different floor types also require different wheel types. Moreover, make sure the skates have a tight fit. Read this guide to know how to choose the best freeskates for you.

Freeskates are suitable for two primary types of skating; urban and freestyle slalom. Both styles require maneuverable skates; urban because of the many changes of direction the city has to offer, and slalom since you need to be able to dance while skating slalom around cones.

If you weigh more than 220 pounds, it is a good idea to choose freeskates over rollerblades, even if you are just looking for a pair for recreational use, because the frame on freeskates is stronger.

Freeskating Wheels - size and hardness

80 mm in diameter is the typical wheel size for freeskates, but you can also get smaller and bigger wheels:

  • Bigger wheels make it possible to reach a higher speed, but provide less maneuverability.
  • Smaller wheels provide more maneuverability but less speed.

83-86A is the typical hardness used in freeskating. The surface you skate on determines whether you should use soft or hard wheels.

  • Harder wheels are better for concrete/asphalt where the wheels are pushed a lot sideways during sharp turns and high speed. With soft wheels, the risk of the wheels braking is high.
  • Softer wheels are suitable for sport arenas with lacquered wood flooring, where you need better grip to avoid slipping.


It is important that you treat your bearings well to ensure that your freeskates can always offer you a smooth ride. This means:

  • Avoid water and humidity.
  • Avoid sand and dirt.

The bearing is placed inside the wheel and affects how well the wheel spins. At SkatePro we normally specify the bearings according to the ABEC scale to define the precision of a bearing.

  • A higher ABEC rating means less rolling resistance, which makes it easier for you to keep speed and get a great roll.

We recommend buying from a recognized brand instead of only focusing on the ABEC rating. There are a lot of other parameters other than ABEC that come to play when defining the quality of a bearing. It might just happen that an ABEC 5 bearing performs better than the ABEC 7. For more detailed information, read our guide Buying bearings.

Freeskate Boots

Freeskate boots often come with great support for comfort, however, they are not as comfortable as recreational roller blades. Moreover, the boot is made stiff to avoid curling when making sharp turns. Some styles are even heat-moldable to provide a great fit, but while some people prefer this solution, others prefer breaking them in.

Fastening mechanism

It is important that your freeskates are well fastened in order to provide the necessary fit for when you make quick turns, stunts and other technical steps that require a great amount of control. The advantage of using buckles is that they are faster than laces and at the same time it is easier to obtain the same fit each time.

Frames for Freeskates

The freeskate frame is very durable and can handle the impacts from jumps and stunts as well as more body weight. With a strong frame you get better control and better power transfer, which means that the energy you put into a stroke is being used effectively to get you forward. The frame is designed short in length to make it easier to maneuver the skates which is also why you usually do not see any brake on freeskates, however, some styles do come with a brake included.

On freeskates, it is typically possible to adjust the frame sideways to the right, left or middle. This way you can move the balance point according to your personal preference.

Sizing of Freeskates

For a smooth and comfortable ride, we recommend the following:

  • Read the size guide on each product page.
  • Choose about the same size as your regular shoe size.
  • Make sure the skates have a snug fit in order to gain more control.

Skate protection

We always recommend that you choose certified protective gear to get the best quality possible. That is why at SkatePro you will only find skate protection that are in compliance with the EN 1078 standards. Furthermore, most of the gear has been further tested by skaters. And remember that wearing skate protection can make you learn new tricks and other technical steps faster, since you can get more courage to try more complicated moves.

Check out our wide selection of freeskates

If you have any questions regarding which freeskates you should choose, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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