Roller Ski Bags

Roller ski bags: Take good care of your skis, when you're not on the road

Are you one of the countless skiers that are out there on the roads roller skiing to keep in shape during offseason? Then you’ll probably need a roller ski bag to carry your roller skis in. It’s also in this category you’ll find sports belt bags and thermo drink belts, which are essential if you are out on long trips.

Roller ski bags are specially designed to carry your skis and they differ from bags used for transporting traditional skies. Roller skis are shorter than “ordinary” skis, which means, that you’ll risk that your skies will be tossed around and being damaged during transport if you use a bag for “ordinary” skis.

A lot of the roller ski bags you’ll find in this category also have straps, so you can keep your roller skies extra secure inside the bag when transporting them.

It’s not only doing transportation that a roller ski bag comes in handy. You can also use the roller ski bag to store your skis after use, this way you prevent them from damaging while lying around the house.

The essentials when you are out there

When you are out on the road, it’s nice to have easy access to not only water but also things like power bars, gels, sunglasses and of course your mobile. On this page, you will find our selection of sports belt bags, hip bags and thermo drink belts.