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Roller skating: The best exercising ever

Fitness skating is not only a fun and easy way to get fit, it’s also the perfect combination of cardio and muscle training. Here are the top reasons why roller skating is great for getting fit.

Forget spending time inside the gym this summer. Strap on a pair of quads or inline skates and enjoy the blue summer sky, warm weather, and sunshine, while you get fit. Trust us it is a lot funnier than having a gym membership.

Work up a sweat

This is the perfect sport to stay in shape or to get fit. Skating is a cardiovascular activity which means that you’ll increase your heart rate and work up a sweat when you’re out there rolling.

According to studies at the University of Wisconsin Medical School, 30 mins of skating produce at least a heart rate of 148 beats per minute which makes it an ideal aerobic exercise equivalent to running.

Great for the muscles, good for the joints

When it comes to avoiding injuries and an excessive load of the joints roller skating is less hard on the joints compared to running, aerobics, and dancing. Skating is a fluid motion that gives you the same movement as in for example running but without the harsh impact.

Studies show that skating causes less than 50 percent of the impact shock to the joints compared to running. Many doctors recommend skating to people with knee injuries as an alternative to running.

Besides being great cardio training, skating is also a perfect way to strengthen your muscles and to increase your muscle tone.

Roller skating involves 640+ muscles in the body and develop and tone muscles in your upper back, quads, arms, abs, glutes(butt), hamstring muscles and thighs.

Skating will also improve your muscular endurance which means that you can skate further for longer.

Freedom and fun

Forget about fees and opening hours at the gym. The beautiful thing about skating is that you can do it when you got the time for it. The only thing you need is a pair of skates.

Roller skating is fun and relaxing. Skate your favorite spots, enjoy the weather and the surroundings. It’s proven that regular exercise reduces stress, and remember skating is a fun thing to do with others, so don’t forget to bring your friends.

What kind of skates should I choose?

Whether you’re into a quick stroll around your neighborhood or long marathon distances a pair of Fitness inline skates are a perfect choice. This type of skates will provide you with great balance, stability, and durability.

Photo by: Mirja Geh

Things that are important especially if you’re trying inline skating for the first time. Fitness inline skates are also known for their high comfort primarily provided by their inner boot called a liner, which is a great thing for the longer trips.

The king of comfort when it comes to inline skates is K2 and with a pair of men's K2 F.I.T. 84 BOA Inline Skates or women's K2 Alexis 84 Speed Boa you're sure to get a snug fitting, comfortable and lightweight pair of skates.

Great for hard work and fun

If you’re looking for an inline skate that allows you to do both exercises and tricks the Freestyle and Urban skates are the perfect choice for you. This type of skate is great for both medium and long distances.

It gives you great support and maximal protection for your ankle and foot which is great if you got problems with your balance. The construction of the skate makes them highly maneuverable.

The Rollerblade RB 110 3WD Freeskates from Rollerblade gives you a stiff boot and 3X110mm wheels. This leaves you with the optimal power transfer to accelerate and maintain your speed on the asphalt. - This pair of skates will provide you with fun where ever you go.

A sturdy choice

You cannot beat a classic, and with a pair of quads strapped on your feet, you're equipped with a pair of skates that are superior to other types of skates when it comes to balance, stability, and control, thanks to their wide base plates and side-by-side construction.

Quads are perfect for both short and long distances. If you want to use quads for fitness, we recommend that you choose a hard shell boot, which provides you with the best stability and support.

With The Chaya Melrose Elite roller skates on your feet, you're in for hours of fun. The plates on these roller skates are Chayas Shari plates.which are made of a mix of nylon and fiberglass for a strong, lightweight plate. Along with the 20° aluminum trucks and Jelly Interlock cushions, you get a very maneuverable quad skate that is fun to skate and easy to control.

Can't get enough of skates? Check out our huge range of side-by-side skates and inline skates here.

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