New season - new skateboard decks

Spring has finally brought us the sun, the blooming trees, and, most importantly, some new decks and brands in the SkatePro house.

Have you heard of Girl? Or Chocolate? Well, those are the newcomers on our deck shelves, together with some new designs from our regulars - Enjoi, Creature, and Santa Cruz.

It's been a long time waiting for Girl and Chocolate to arrive and we are just as excited as you are. So excited that we decided to make a post about it!

Knock before you enter - Girl Skateboards

Since its birth in 1993, Girl has been meant for riders from riders. A few pro team riders gathered and decided to start a brand; something that will allow them to do the thing they love after they are grey and old (or more likely, broken-boned).

Some of the main figures behind Girl are Mike Carroll and Rick Howard but also their so-called "Art Dump" (how they call the design department) which came up with the signature "ladies room" logo. A dump or not, all of the deck designs that come out of there are surely a piece of art. The brand also has collaborated with famous artists, such as Geoff McFetridge, Kevin Lyons, and Hershel Baltrotsky.

Sweeten your life - Chocolate

Following the success of Girl, just a year later, Chocolate was established in 1994 as an extension of Girl. Just like Girl, Chocolate sticks out of the crowd with its legendary logo and color schemes. Those decks are made not only to last and withstand anything you put their way but also to impress. The sweetest combo!

The old dogs with new decks

We also need to give some sweet loving and attention to the brands we've had for some time now because they also came up with some sick designs.


Take Creature, "horrorific" as always. True to their hardcore soul, the brand delivers yet another masterpiece series with the Everslick by Shawn Barber. A bowl monster or technical street guru, those decks are for you, and you will surely be turning heads after yourself.

If those are not your cup of tea, then the new Batty series should be. Made with "Hard Rock Maple", those decks are properly stiff and a bit narrower. The trees come from the arctic freeze zones, so with temperatures like that, it is quite straightforward how hardcore the Batty decks are.

Santa Cruz

Some Everslicks came from Santa Cruz as well. Harder than regular decks, the Acid Dot and the Acid Hand Everslicks are guaranteed long-lasting designs. All this comes with a fast sliding.


And just so we end up on a happy note, we saved the funky decks by enjoi for last. The series is called, wait for it...the Pussy magnet. Don't get this wrong! It is just typical colorful enjoi deck series with cats on them and the names of some of their pro riders. So those ones are for you, Cool cats out there. Enjoy!

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