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Good to know

What are inflatable paddle boards made of

Inflatable paddle boards (also called inflatable SUP or iSUP) are hard on the outside (like fiberglass SUP), made of durable hardened rubber material. Instead of a solid core, an inflatable SUP has air inside, which gives it advantages when it comes to transport and storage.

Inflatable stand-up paddleboards are made from layers of PVC plastic and millions of woven fibers, which connects the top and bottom of the board. These fibers are surprisingly strong, once the board is inflated. Overall inflatable paddle boards tend to be lighter, that it's solid-board counterparts.

Like their “hard” brothers inflatable SUPS can be used for cruising lakes, touring ocean bays, fishing, surfing and even for doing yoga.

Even though inflatable paddle boards have great floating features, we recommend, that you only use it for recommended for flat water surfing and in conditions with smaller waves or at your local lake.

Why should you choose an inflatable SUP

  • If you don’t have a van to transport your full-size SUP or maybe if you are a casual SUP surfer, there are quite a few advantages of choosing an inflatable SUP over classic fiberglass stand up paddleboard.
  • If you live in a small apartment and you do not have a lot of storage space, inflatable paddle boars is a good choice as they take less space then classic ones and can fit in a backpack once deflated.

This makes it easy to transport around the world when you are out exploring the best spots in the world.

We carry a wide variety of inflatable SUP’s in different designs and brands such as Fanatic, STX and Ten Toes.

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