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Custom Scooters

Custom Scooters: when performance and look is key

The life of a scooter is hard. The shredding against the curb. The beatings on the deck, when practicing Bri flips and the impacts on the fork when you make those high jumps. The better you get, the more advanced the tricks are going to get, the higher the jumps you are gonna make and the bigger the verts you are going to drop into.

A custom lets you choose everything from the weight and length of the deck to the hardness of the wheels, so you’ll end up with a scooter that's superior in both quality, durability and looks and is 100 percent tailor-made for you.

In short a custom gives you the option to design a unique looking scooter, that transfers your personality into a scooter and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Let’s get started

There are two options when it comes to custom scooters. The first one is letting your imagination run wild and choose all the parts yourself, from compression bolts over decks to grip tape, ending up with the scooter of your dreams. You can assemble it yourself or get our experts to do it. You can also use our “Custom Scooter Builder” tool which helps you to transform your dream into reality.

The second option is to choose one of our complete customs, which our specialists have put together from scratch, so the only thing you have to do is to pick one among all our awesome designs. All our customs consists of high-end parts only. Check out our completes here.

Feel the difference

No matter if you are into dropping into verts or doing technical tricks at the skate park, or you are the kind of person who gets your kicks by riding in the street doing high jumps and grinding the curb the right setup is key. There are as many perceptions of what the perfect setup is, as there are riders. It all depends on your size, style of riding and preferences.

Park and vert

A short and light aluminum deck gives you a more agile scooter and makes it easier to do technical tricks, barspins, tailwhips. If you are into grinding boxes and rails, you might want to consider getting a wide deck. It might be heavier, but it provides you with better control when grinding.

If you like riding verts or doing air tricks you should consider a longer bulky deck, it might weigh more, but it can take a lot of impact without breaking. Furthermore, it gives you stability when landing. When it comes to bars an aluminum bar makes you scooter light, it’s not as sturdy as a steel bar, so if your scooter takes a lot of beatings or you ride it hard in general, consider which kind of bar you buy. If you are riding in a park on surfaces such as concrete or wood, soft wheels provide you with super grip.


If you are into high jumps, a long and sturdy reinforced aluminum deck provides you with excellent stability when landing on those flat surfaces. If you are the type of person who grinds every curb and bench you see, a boxed deck with flat sides and flat bottom ( boxed are a wide deck with squared ends) provides you with excellent control when grinding. The shape also makes it easier to hook on to the things you want to grind. If you are into technical tricks a short and light deck might be the thing for you because it provides you with great maneuverability.

When choosing a bar for street think about how much pressure you put on it. An aluminum bar is light and makes it easier to do a lot of tricks, but a steel bar is stronger and does not break as easy as the aluminum bar. When it comes to wheels, consider if you want soft wheels or hard wheels which can take the beatings from curbs, the pavement, and the asphalt.

Express yourself

A custom is an ultimate way to transfer your personality into a scooter. It not only about color when it comes choosing the 12 parts for your new scooter, but it's also about attitude and lifestyle.

Are you living by the catchphrase the faster, the better? Then light and tight aluminum set up with some fast wheels might be the thing for you. If you can’t get enough of bling bling and shiny stuff. Why not get a gold scooter with flashy neochrome wheels and some cool tie-dye grip tape, and some pegs that stand out. The combinations are endless, and you can be sure, that the chances of ending up with something that anybody else got are minimal.

Use our “Custom Scooter Builder” tool and watch your creation come to life as you build it. When you finished it, you can name it and share the result with friends and family. You are also welcome to share it with our experts if you need feedback or advice on your new scooter. Watch how to use the "Build-a-Scooter" tool in the video above.

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